About Psyllium

Psyllium is a form of natural fibre that is made from the Plantago ovata seed husks. It is also known as by the name Ispaghula (Sat-Isabgul), a common laxative. However, psyllium is beneficial for multiple parts of the human body, including the heart and digestive diseases. It also has diverse industrial application. Our product is available with the brand name KAMAL. The psyllium seed is made up of 40% Linoleic Acid (LA), and important fatty acids essential for health. The seeds have mucilage formation properties on the extraction of moisture. Psyllium seeds are cooling, laxative, soothing, anti-acidic, antidiuretic and demulcent.

On the nutritional side, it has over 80% fibre. It also has glycosides, proteins, polysaccharides, vitamin B1, and choline. The seed husk is mainly made up of a fibre called hemicellulose, that is found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The complex carbohydrate found in Hemicellulose is indigestible however, it is partially broken down in the colon and feeds the friendly intestinal flora.

Psyllium Products

Our wide range of products includes popular Isabgol items, available in bulk and pre-packed forms. Here we have various types of Psylliums products that are with its own uses. Our products are widely applicable in various effective purposes.